One-to-One Consultation

Need to chat about your manuscript or book idea?

Want to talk about your book idea? Do you need help with a current manuscript? Or just another pair of eyes to look over something?

I can help.

You can hire me for a 60-minute conversation.

Hi there, I’m Jonathan and I’m a Publisher, Editor and Published Author

For the past decade I’ve spent thousands of hours talking with authors, writers and students to help them with their writing. I love answering questions and talking about books.

And sometimes people want me to take a look at their manuscript or discuss some ideas with me. They don’t want me to sell our self-publishing service and they aren’t a traditional publisher.

But they would like my opinions or experience.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to spend with everyone. So I’ve created this page where you can book my time.

We can talk about whatever you want to talk about.

If you want me to look at your manuscript or double-check an idea, I’m happy to do that.

Or if you would like to know how to create an attention grabbing book proposal, I can help with that.

Or if you have an idea for a book and need some direction, I’ve been there and I can help.

The meetings will take place by video call and I can send you the recordings.

Things we can talk about

  • Problems starting your manuscript
  • How to develop a sense of narrative
  • Making your writing marketable to publishers
  • Creating a book proposal and pitch
  • Hiring your own editorial support
  • … or anything else you want to discuss

To book your consultation, please fill out the form below with your preferred date and time and summarise what you would like to discuss and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.