Introducing to the Christian Book Consultancy and Christian Self-Publishing

How I came to launch the Christian Book Consultancy. If you’d like to find out more about my background and how I can help please get in touch.

I launched the Christian Book Consultancy after nearly a decade of working in the Christian publishing industry. I’ve worked as a Publishing Manager for two UK Christian publishers and prior to that I worked as a freelance editor.

Selection of books I’ve worked on:

After seeing many a great book idea get lost amongst the book proposal pile, I think there is a real need to help debut and experienced authors produce books and resources that traditional publishers are not able to.

Editorial committees can be hard places to negotiate, especially for less experienced authors. It would not be unusual to see book ideas with real potential being rejected because of the pragmatics of running a publishing house: the need to fulfil a certain publishing remit, limited budgets and constraints on how much time publishers can give to projects.

Christian Self-Publishing

The rise in popularity of self-publishing in the last decade has seen one or two major Christian publishers try to capture this sector of the market. What is missing, however, is a dynamic, bespoke and individualistic approach to self-publishing for the Reformed Christian author and reader. That’s where I aim to help.

One of the great things about working as a Publishing Manager is that it gave me the tools I need to help produce almost every type of book.

I’ve worked on mass-market paperbacks and high-end gift-edition hardbacks. I’ve produced illustrated children’s books and affordable evangelistic resources that can be given away for free.

I’ve worked with bestselling authors, professional editors, proofreaders and designers and have even bought previously self-published books into the retail market.

In 2019 I helped publish Tom Parson’s previously self-published Advent devotional:

I’ve also produced numerous eBooks and created audiobook lists.

Before I started working in publishing, I worked as a University Lecturer. I have a PhD in Literature and have published my own writing with academic publishers and broadsheet newspapers.

In short: I have a real passion for books and love helping authors create extraordinary works and that’s why I started the Christian Book Consultancy.

If you have a book idea, I’d love to talk to you about it and discuss how I can help you develop it from a concept to a physical product.

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